Some samples of web design for Vomar Voordeelmarkt and Vitamins Direct

Web design

Website design has been part of Jan van Es [design]'s service offering since 1997. Services include HTML and CSS, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), JavaScript and perl.

In addition to web design, Jan van Es [design] has also been involved in app design and user interface design, like the design of icons, splash screens and buttons.


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Some samples of the Vomar Voordeelmarkt weekly newsletter.

E-mail newsletter design

Over time, E-mail newsletters have become increasingly important as a sales tool. Many businesses send out monthly, weekly or even daily newsletters to bring visitors to their web site, boost sales and establish a relationship with existing and potential clients.

In many ways, e-mail newsletters are designed as small, one-page web pages. However, there are quite a few more constraints and peculiarities to take into account.

Over the years, Jan van Es [design] has designed hundreds of mail newsletters.