Part of the American Sports food supplements range

American Sports uses off-the-shelf polyethylene Duma® Special containers, with tamper-evident black caps. The product range also includes liquid products that are packaged in PET bottles.

The labels are initially polyethylene, later OPP (oriented polypropylene) film. Over the years, several printing methods were used, ranging from 4 or 5 color digital printing to 4 or 6 color letterpress and flexo printing.

American Sports supplements labels

American Sports Nutrition uses scientific research to develop nutritional products that help professional and amateur athletes achieve their goals and get more out of their day. They have developed a range of nutritional products and food supplements that help athletes improve their overall diet and performance.

The range of about twenty products is sold through retail outlets in the Netherlands, the UK, and later also via mail order to clients in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and other countries.