The address change card combines a photograph of the new office exterior with an old blason.

The card is a combination of transparency paper and pearlescent light grey Chromolux paper in handstitched binding.

Transparency paper combined with a photo printed on pearlescent Chromolux paper.
The printed transparency paper over the photograph adds depth, visual texture, and interest to the design.

Change of address card Buro Louk Straver

Buro Louk Straver is an independent agency that, since its foundation in 1976, has been involved in the design of interiors for companies, institutions and private customers, and furniture and product development.

When Buro Louk Straver moved its office to a historic building in Haarlem’s city centre, a change of address card was needed. The building, dating from 1665, to this day stil is owned by the Chamber of Rhetoric (mediaeval dramatic society) “Trou moet blijcken” (“loyalty on proof”) which now uses the ground floor as a gentlemens club.

The card shows the chambers blason of a pelican feeding its young, together with the name, printed on transparency paper. Below, a photo of the facade of the patrician mansion, crowned by two huge stone pelicans. Inside, a short text outlining the history of the building, followed by the logo and new contact details for Buro Louk Straver.