Ikea Melodi-hacks

From left to right: “Midelo”, “Dimelo” and “Domeli”

Ikea Melodi hacks

Ikea hacks have been around almost as long as Ikea itself. It means: modifying or repurposing an Ikea product, personalising or upgrading it, or using it to create something totally new. It means using an Ikea lamp to make a concrete umbrella stand, or making a desk from two Ikea cabinets and an old door. It means: using cheap standard Ikea products to make something that looks much more personal, and often also much more expensive.

‘Melodi’ must be one of Ikea’s bestselling products. Designed by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Monika Mulder, it first was shown in Ikea’s 2004 catalog, for a price of SEK 99 (€ 9.32). Today, it’s still a bestseller, and the price only hase gone down.

It may be cheap, but the Melodi lamp is also a bit... well, lets say, simple. Isn’t there something you can do about that?

The answer to that question is the ‘Episka’ range: three lamps that are basically ‘edited’ Melodi lamps.

Ikea Melodi-hacks

The original ‘Melodi’ lamp, designed by Monika Mulder for Ikea, is basic and dead cheap. But it’s perhaps also just a bit dull...

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