Display ROB and Omroep Brabant

R.O.B. is the sales and marketing arm of Omroep Brabant. Having seen the display used by their broadcast colleagues, they wanted a similar display for use during trade shows. However, they decided upon one fixed lay-out that showed their main selling point: the listeners.

Based on a standard Instand® 4 × 4 curved display, it can be transported in a small car, carried by one person, and set up in a matter of minutes.

What Omroep Brabant needed was not so much a trade show display, as a display system. The sixteen panels are interchangeable, and the configuration can be adapted to the situation where the display is needed. Staff can select panels from a stock of a few dozen. There are photo panels with well-known regional sports and music celebrities, the station’s presenters, as well as images of the newsgathering teams, studio’s, production vehicles and website. Also included are various text panels, and panels with the logo and pay-off.

Omroep Brabant displays

Omroep Brabant is the regional broadcaster for the North Brabant province in the Netherlands since 1976. With several studios and a staff of about hundred, Omroep Brabant provides 24/7 radio broadcasting services to the about 2.5 million inhabitants of North Brabant. In addition to the radio broadcasts, Omroep Brabant also launched a television channel in 1997.

Omroep Brabant needed a display for public events and trade shows. To save costs, it was decided to use a modular system that could be used at different events over a period of years, and be set up by Omroep Brabant staff without need for outside help.

Jan van Es [design] proposed a standard system with exchangeable panels, and a collection of text, logo and photo panels to choose from. That way, Omroep Brabant staff can ‘compose’ their own display.