An illustration of a typical PCB production line, made for Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology.

This illustration shows a typical PCB (printed circuit board) production line, with PCB loader, automatic screen printer, placement robots, reflow furnace and PCB unloader. The machines that are greyed out in the illustration are not part of Philips EMT’s product range.

Illustration of the FCM and ACM chip shooters - Cutaway details

Part of an illustration of the FCM and ACM chip shooters, with cutaway details.

Philips EMT FCM-ACM line illustration

Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology, or Philips EMT, began as an internal supplier of pick-and-place machinery to Philips Consumer Electronics. It is now a world leader in Surface Mount Technology, providing SMT manufacturing solutions to the electronics assembly industry. Originally part of Philips Electronics Netherlands, Philips EMT changed its name to Assembléon in 2001. In 2010, Philips sold a majority stake in Assembléon to H2 Equity Partners, an independent private equity firm

Jan van Es [design] has provided Philips EMT with hundreds of illustrations, for use in sales brochures, other marketing collateral and instruction manuals.

A feeder trolley.