Some samples of illustrations made for educational publications published by SMD Educatieve Uitgevers

The illustrations above are from educational publications ‘IVBO logistiek’, ‘MHV7 communicatie’, ‘Techniek en toekomst’, ‘Milieu 10 MVBO’.

Some more illustrations

Many illustrations show the working principles, or the construction, of household items - like a compact cassette or a lettuce dryer. Others show DIY-projects that help students understand certain mechanisms or principles.

Illlustrations for educational publications

Spruyt, Van Mantgem & De Does in Leiden, or ‘SMD Educatieve Uitgevers’ in short, publishes school books for all educational levels.

Jan van Es [design] has made thousands of illustrations, for dozens of SMD's school books. The illustrations shown on the left are for books for the IVBO, MAVO (later VMBO), HAVO and VWO secondary levels.

Some more examples of educational illstrations made for SMD Educatieve Uitgevers.