The range of about a dozen varieties was divided into three colour-coded segments

The polyethylene bags have a hand-drawn striped pattern of brush strokes that was part of the Vomar Voordeelmarkt brand identity at the time.

House brand potato packaging

Vomar Voordeelmarkt is one of the largest independent supermarket chains in the Netherlands, with about 95 stores in the Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht provinces. Founded in 1968 as a small local store, it now employs about 10,000 people and serves 1,300,000 clients weekly.

The house brand potato range consists of about a dozen varieties, divided in three colour-coded segments: ‘salad’, ‘smooth’ and ‘fluffy’.

The design was made in co-operation with Louk Straver Ontwerp Product & Ruimte, Dordrecht.