The VomarJob website was designed to help Vomar Voordeelmarkt attract new staff.

The website gives an introduction to Vomar Voordeelmarkt, shows where the shops are, gives a bit of company history and tells about job training. But most importantly, visitors can search for job openings based on location or job type, and send in their application via an online form.

VomarJob website

Vomar Voordeelmarkt wanted a website to help find them new staff for their more than 50 stores. The result: - a compact website with a custom made search function (perl) and an online job application form.

The VomarJob website served its purpose for more than ten years.

Vomar Voordeelmarkt is one of the largest independent supermarket chains in the Netherlands, with currently about 95 stores in the Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht provinces. Founded in 1968 as a small local store, it now employs about 10,000 people and serves 1,300,000 clients weekly.