A 14-page sales kit, made for Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology.

The 14 pages help the sales staff explain the benefits of the Philips FCM and ACM platform.

The FCM and ACM chip shooters - sales kit

The sales kit consisted of A3 sized high definition prints, and a set of 14 overhead projection sheets.

Philips EMT FCM-ACM sales kit

Philips Electronic Manufacturing Technology, or Philips EMT, began as an internal supplier of pick-and-place machinery to Philips Consumer Electronics. The machines proved to be highly successful, and were marketed later to the entire worldwide electronics assembly industry.

In 1993, Philips EMT needed a sales kit to help sales staff explain the quality and benefits of the Philips product line to prospective buyers. In close co-operation with Philips sales and marketing staff, Jan van Es [design] developed a 14-page presentation, with illustrations of the machines, configuration examples and explanatory drawings. A subset of the presentation was printed out on A3 size on a high-definition color printer.

Originally part of Philips Electronics Netherlands, Philips EMT changed its name to Assembléon in 2001. In 2010, Philips sold a majority stake in Assembléon to H2 Equity Partners, an independent private equity firm. Assembléon later was acquired by Kulicke & Soffa Industries.