The Philips Café Duo Firenze concept.

As the students were asked to make proposals for the matching cups as well, sketches of new "designer mugs" were shown too. Not completely satisfied however, Jan van Es made the final design - the ‘Pisa’ cups, shown on the picture, a few months later. The stoneware cups are glazed with a special matte dark grey, metallic glaze.

Philips CaféDuo Firenze coffeemaker

A group of third-class students of the Design Academy department ‘Man and Food’ was asked to participate in a co-operation project with the Philips Small Domestic Appliances group in Groningen (NL). Philips wanted to see proposals for a new design for one of their coffeemakers, the Café Duo,and its (recently introduced) successor, the Café Duo Select. Both Café Duo's, small two-cup coffee-makers with matching cups, were ‘neat products’, but, they admitted, ‘lacked personal style’.

After a short and intensive study, the students presented rough mock-ups to their fellow students and design teachers. The ‘CaféDuo Firenze’ concept was selected to be worked out, after which a detailled appearance model was made by the Philips modelmaking department. The CaféDuo Firenze was presented to both the in-house design team and marketing department of Philips, and was received with much enthousiasm. Further, it was shown as an ‘advanced design project’ to Philips top management. Production was initially considered, but it later was decided to have a new design made, blending some of Jan van Es' main design elements with the original design.